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XYZ Training Group offer a wide ranging set of Industrial related training courses, either on-site or at any of the hundreds of nationwide training centres at our disposal. We are one of the UK's major training providers, both in soft skills and in the hands-on practical based courses. We are committed to provide high quality training flexibly and responsively using a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors who are supported by our team of knowledgeable training managers.

Why Choose Us?

All our courses have been designed to meet every delegate objective and to ensure that on completion every delegate we train is fully competent in all aspects of their chosen course. From Petro-chemical to railways, door supervision to child care, our "Industrial" related training courses all come fully accredited, not only with the latest in course materials, but also so that they comply with the latest guidance or legislation.

Over the past decade we have worked hard to turn our industrial based courses from one where delegates response was always "do I have to" to now where repeat learners come with an outlook thats more "because I should" - this has resulted in many taking direct ownership of their own progressive learning paths. Some of our courses have a fixed agenda, whereas some are able to be shaped by us to engage with the clients own application of the training. We welcome enquiries from both individuals looking for training for themselves and from corporate clients seeking a tailor made solution.

Why Industrial Training Is Important

On the job training is a necessity of the modern world. Standards improve, qualifications become transferable and people at work expect to have their skills and, in turn, their lives enhanced by their continued professional development. And whilst Industrial training is a bit of generic term, the one constant throughout our range of training courses is that they all have become essential. All training is not equal. All courseware titles are not equal in scope or production design. All trainees do not come from a single learning culture.We at the XYZ Training Group have years of experience in talking with employers about this question on why training is required and, for the most part, answers given tend to fall into one of two categories. 1. Because legislation demands it. And 2. Because the staff deserve the very best that employers can give them.And whilst the second answer is perhaps a little altruistic, when weighed against the very real commercial benefits of training to a business, the second answer should be the only answer every time..

Extensive course information is available for download or on request from our customer service team. Every Industrial training course comes with our unique lowest price guarantee and every booking is protected by our industry leading Customer Service Charter. Please search for your next training course using the links provided below or drop us a line and let one of our training managers discuss the various training options we have available for your chosen course type.

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