Basic PLC Fault finding Principles
This courseourse compares the normal behaviour of the major functional components of a PLC system with field operation to highlight key checkpoints & actions to be taken. Delegates will learn about basic diagnostic tools & techniques & will be encouraged to develop standard procedures to aid more efficient & effective troubleshooting.
Who Should Attend:
Any person who requires the need to be trained in Basic PLC Fault finding Principles through the course of their normal working duties. This course is suitable for anyone working in the Electrical arena or Industrial sector
- Understand basic safety considerations when working with PLCs (personal & machine)
- Confirm power to PLC system (CPU/CPU rack; I/O rack(s); I/O modules)
- Recognise main system LEDs (RUN/STOP; FAULT)
- Identify battery condition (interpretation of the battery LED if an indicator exists)
- Identify any key/switch to change PLC mode (RUN/STOP)
- Understand the range of memory options including EPROM/EEPROM & implications for machine starts & operation with/without a battery
- Understand the purpose & operation of any system resets or restarts (including RUN/PGM/RUN & power cycle)
- Relate the operation of field devices to I/O LEDs
- Read & interpret simple electrical drawings & PLC program printouts & cross references
- Understand how to distinguish between PLC system & I/O faults.
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The Basic PLC Fault finding Principles course is accredited by the appropriate governing body and supported by certification and credit card sized ID cards produced by XYZ Training Group - the UK's largest dedicated Industrial training organisation.
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1 day
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Basic PLC Fault finding Principles

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