Industrial Training

In a perfect world, that answer would completely valid. But, it's not a perfect world and those answers both depend on a single qualifier:"IF." All training is not equal. All courseware titles are not equal in scope or production design. All trainees do not come to you from a single learning culture.

We at the XYZ Training Group have years of experience in talking with employers about this question on why I should training in the first place and for the most part, answers given tend to fall into one of two categories. 1. Because legislation demands it. And 2. Because my staff deserve the best that I can give them.

And whilst the second answer is perhaps a little altruistic, when weighed against the very real commercial benefits of training to a business, the second answer should be the only answer every time.. Whereas the need for simply protecting your workforce because of legislation should be a given.

From Petro-chemical to railways, door supervision to heavy machinery operation, all these jobs come with an element of risk. We at the XYZ Training Group have worked hard over the past decade to turn employees outlook from one of training "because I can" to training "because I should" - this has resulted in our clients delegates taking ownership of their own progressive learning paths and employers directly benefitting as a result.

Not only are employees then better qualified to work unsupervised, remotely and safely - but their commitment to the organisation which promoted their development and career path in the first place, gets repaid multiple times over.

So, whatever your industry, whatever your role or responsibility, why not talk to us about progressive learning and development? Funding for training is widely available and we at the XYZ Training Group are there to help you walk the training path through every step of the way. Call us now on 0844 335 8882 for your free advice on training, consulting and career development.